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A monthly investigation of our community’s achievements through visual storytelling.

Year 8 • Volume 8 • Issue 12 December 2018

Pat Page
Pensacola, FL

Our little town of Pensacola has temendous history. Pensacola became the first establishment of the New World over 400 years ago, and through decades of civilization and evolution, we have grown to what we are today. This rich history is often told through stories written in books by those who have invested the time to ...

Web: Quayside Art Gallery
Facebook: Pat Page

Pat Page Artist December 2018

MMA Movement

Beyond the lights, beyond the ecstatic adrenaline of the audience, the sweat, the tangible focus of the competitors lies the fierce grace and eloquence of movement, energy and creativity. Blending a dynamic of strength and agility, this power exudes forth a danc of logic and positioning - a creative plan of dynamic...

Facebook: Rumble Training Center

MMA Movement featuring local fighters at Rumble Training Center

Style In...Events
Pensacola Bay Area

Pensacola gets into the Holiday Spirit...
A glimps of local events.
Like and follow on social media to support these local businesses and organizations.

Facebook: Seville Quarter

Facebook: Pensacola Ice Flyers

Facebook: Pensacola Childrens Chorus

Happy Holidays Pensacola

Errant Thoughts In...
Pensacola, FL

Josh Green
He thinks...He speaks.

Website: Josh Green


Errant Thoughts In By Josh Green

Katherine Quarles
Pensacola, FL

Shedding The Holiday Pounds
Sometimes our holiday generosity gets us into a little trouble. The spirit of the season tends to be all about sharing. Nestled in our time tested traditions are our habits and who doesn’t want to make an exception to the rules in the spirit of the ‘giving season’? We often indulge this time of year (possibly a little more than we should) in those guilty edible pleasures. Those tasty treats of the rich and flavorful seasonal foods, it’s our nature......


Shed those holiday pounds with some exercise

The District Steak & Seafood Now Open

Year 8 • Volume 8 • Issue 11 November 2018

Tim Banfell
Pensacola, FL

Communications come in and are made in many forms either personal or to a mass audience. The approach to storytelling is a vast and open platform of spoken and written words, the expansion of images captured through photography, and hand drawn depictions of a chosen subject...

Web: Cartoonist Tim Banfell
Facebook: Tim Banfell

Tim Banfell Feature November 2018

Style In...Fashion

Combining physical objects in specific compositions to mark memories and special moments is part of our human history. Storytelling is important - as not only the story spreads, but the object and it’s distinct look, elemental compositions and function are shared visually as well. The organic shapes of ...

Facebook: Antiquarian Jewelers

Facebook: Lyn Gentry

Style In Fashion Pensacola

Style In...Events
Pensacola Bay Area

A glimps of local events in Pensacola.
Like and follow for more information and to get involved.

Facebook: Munson Heritage Festival

Facebook: Pensacola Marathon

Facebook: Cubed Gulf Coast

Facebook: Barktoberfest

Style in Events Pensacola

Ashley Rogers
Pensacola, FL

Choosing the right pet
With the Holidays quickly approaching, you may be zeroing in on gift ideas for your family. If you have decided to add a pet to your family this year, we have some tips on how to decide which animal is right for you. When you chose a pet, you assume responsibility for the health and welfare for another living thing which is no small task. You also...


Animals In Feature November 2018

Quayside Gallery Shows

Year 8 • Volume 8 • Issue 10 October 2018

Lyn Gentry
Pensacola, FL

The internal tempo and rhythm gives an illustrative expression in this three dimensional form of glass, color and composition. Artist, Lyn Gentry has developed an impressive portfolio reflecting her practice and studies molding and designing Dichroic Glass. She revels in the ability to capture...

Web: hotsandsglass
Facebook: Hot Sands Glass

Lyn Gentry Hot Sands Glass Studio Pensacola

Daniel Dolgin, Ph.D.
Lillian, AL

Roads Less Traveled
Charles Henke and his band Coastal Fire are this month’s feature for several reasons. Realizing a life-long dream, Charles founded his high-energy rock group in 2012. He is their lead singer and rhythm guitarist. Anyone watching a live Coastal Fire performance soon recognizes that Charles is above all...

Reverbnation: Coastal Fire
Facebook: Coastal Fire

Coastal Fire

Ashley Rogers
Pensacola, FL

Public Etiquitte
We thought it would never happen, but fall has finally arrived in the South and our hot and humid climate is starting to feel a lot more comfortable. As temperatures cool and fall festivities begin in downtown Pensacola and all over the Panhandle, our furry companions are going to want to tag along as often as possible. With more and more businesses...

Thank you Pensacola Hotel For Dogs & Cats!

Website: Pensacola Hotel for Dongs & Cats
Facebook: Pensacola Hotel for Dogs & Cats Adoption Rescue

Animals In Section Po10tial Magazine

Soleilune Massage
Ad Space 8

Po10tial Special Subscription

Year 8 • Volume 8 • Issue 8/9 August/September 2018

Fernando Almada
Pensacola, FL

A life long appreciation, exploration and practice of artistic endeavors has given Fernando Almada a rich and extensive base of information to utilize when creating art. His meticulous nature, instincts and focus have allowed him to experience many mediums that possess their own distinct strengths, challenges...

Feature Artist Fernando Almada

Lani Lane
Pensacola, FL

Style In...Fashion
More than just a model, Lani Lane is one who is constantly learning and eager to acquire knowledge to better herself and her skill set as both a mom, wife, model and swimsuit designer. She has years of hard work under her belt and a dedication to being the best possible she can at anything ...

Facebook: Lani Lane Fit

Lani Lane Swim wear designer

Daniel Dolgin, Ph.D.
Lillian, AL

Roads Less Traveled
It just doesn’t get much better than this! Here we are in Point Clear, Alabama sitting on the rambling porch of a sprawling Victorian house visiting with Kim Pacey, Punta Clara Kitchen’s manager and owner. Kim is the granddaughter of Dorothy Brodbeck Pacey. Back in 1952 Dorothy Brodbeck Pacey had not a clue that her backyard...

Website: Punta Clara Kitchen
Facebook: Punta Clara Candy Kitchen

Punta Clara Kitchen

Ashley Rogers
Pensacola, FL

Community Cat Colonies
Feral cats, also known as “street cats” or “alley cats” are a commonality in not just our community, but in communities all over the world. Feral cats are described as a domesticated breed of cat that has had little or no human contact, usually making the animal unadoptable. They often shy away from human interaction and prefer their life outdoors, much like their non-domesticated cousins. No matter how urban or rural the community, feral cats likely ...

Please spay & neuter...Contact a rescue for assistance with any questions regarding feral cats.

Community Cat Colonies

Year 8 • Volume 8 • Issue 7 July 2018

Josh Green
Pensacola, FL

The humanist philosophy of intellectual sciences has paved the way for creative problem solvers to communicate the composition and influence on their subjective reality coupled together with deeper observations. Studies of light, color, anatomical structure and physics play into the narratives creatives create. Artist, Josh Green has developed his thesis on the understanding...

website: Josh Green

Josh Green Pensacola Painter

Daniel Dolgin, Ph.D.
Lillian, AL

Roads Less Traveled
The Molly Ringwalds are the focus of this month’s feature for several good reasons. Foremost is their extraordinary talent as both a rock group and as individual musicians. The band’s rendition of hits from the ’80s genuinely recaptures the sounds that defined an era. When not on the road, they reside in New Orleans. They play Seville Quarter...

Website: The Molly Ringwalds
Facebook: The Molly Ringwalds

The Molly Ringwalds

Katherine Quarles
Pensacola, FL

Drool is cool....(ing)
Keeping cool, in the summer is just a way of life. The human species is pretty creative in ‘climate controlling’ our personal spaces. One of the benefits of our domestication is indoor living, offering stability and predictability to our existence. The Summer months can present some challenges to keeping our creature comforts ...

Keep cool this summer

Year 8 • Volume 8 • Issue 5/6 May & June 2018

Pensacola Ice Flyers
Pensacola, FL

The Pensacola Ice Flyers 2017-18 Season started as many before it, full of ambition and determination to climb in the season standings, of earning a place in the playoffs and bringing home the coveted President’s Cup. Proven over the years as a Championship capable team in the Southern Professional Hockey League...

Facebook: Pensacola Ice Flyers
Website: Pensacola Ice Flyers

Season 2017-18 Pensacola Ice Flyers

Kathy Sheppard
Pensacola, FL

Kathy Sheppard, a Pensacola native, has been active in the art community for the past 40 years. She has dedicated her creative pursuits to reflect and document scenes of tranquility and natural beauty. Studying many different techniques including color pencil, water color and oil painting through meticulous applications, Kathy has found...

Facebook: Kathy Sheppard Art

Kathy Sheppard Pensacola Artist-Fine Art Painter

Daniel Dolgin, Ph.D.
Lillian, AL

Roads Less Traveled
Trinkette (Katrina) Parker owns the Permanent Makeup Clinic located in Pensacola, Florida. She is a licensed cosmetologist with over 25 years of experience specializing in permanent cosmetics and areola restoration/micro-pigmentation. As I sat down with Trinkette in the calming environment of her primarily pink office, thoughtfully adorned with candles...

Website: Permanent Make-Up Clinic
Facebook: Permanent Make-Up Clinic

Trinket Parker Permenant Make Up Pensacola

Ashley Rogers
Pensacola, FL

Animals In...Heartworms
So you’ve decided to adopt a dog. You head on over to your local shelter and fall absolutely in love with a dog, only to find out that he is heartworm positive. Chances are, this will cause you to have some second thoughts about adopting. The truth is, nearly half of all dogs in shelters in the state...

Facebook Links:
Saving with Soul Pet Rescue of NW Florida

Amazing Grace Bully Rescue
Friends of the Escambia County Animal Shelter

Heartworms can be treated and prevented

Year 8 • Volume 8 • Issue 4 April 2018

Jeff Waldorff
Navarre, FL

The many secrets and synchronicities of nature provide a certain mystery behind what the human perceived and experiences. The tools of our visual cortex and dynamic relationship of sight, cognition and response allows the individual to...

Facebook: Waldorff Photography
Website: Photography By Jeff Waldorff

April Feature Artist Jeff Waldorff

Frank Meade
Pensacola, FL

The capacity of seeing value within an object reflects an aptitude and attitude of resourcefulness and ingenuity. In modern times, this perspective is a critical understanding and a useful tool in order to preserve our environment and niche on this planet. Metal fabricator, Frank Meade possesses a passion and curiosity for extending and stretching...

Facebook: Road Rage Welding, Frank Meade

Feature Artist Frank Meade

Daniel Dolgin, Ph.D.
Lillian, AL

Back Roads
This is not your grandmother’s truck stop. You may not think about eating at a truck stop but it’s time to think again. The Derailed Diner and Oasis Truck Stop is truly a “Back Roads” stop to behold. It is located just off Interstate 10 at the Wilcox Road, exit 53, in Robertsdale, Alabama. It’s a twenty minute drive from...

Dereailed diner

Ashley Rogers
Pensacola, FL

Animals In...Tree Hermit Crabs
Looking for a unique pet to spice up your living space? Land hermit crabs, or tree crabs, might be just the right thing! Tree crabs are a fascinating crustacean that, unlike their local cousins, are almost completely terrestrial. This means they make a great alternative pet to the marine hermit crabs found here in Florida. Tree crabs...

Hermit Crabs

Year 8 • Volume 8 • Issue 3 March 2018

Morris Eaddy, Ph.D.
Pensacola, FL

As a retired mental health advocate, Eddy has adapted his clinical profession and found a resurgence of creativity and inspiration through the arts. Eddy was quickly consumed with color, history and portraiture. He adopted many artistic styles by attending lectures, classes and workshops to explore...

Facebook: Morris Eaddy
Website: Morris Eaddy

Morris Eaddy, PhD Arist March 2018
Pensacola, FL

Remember the 2010 film Burlesque, starring Cher and Christina Aguilera? Well that’s what I expected to see when I contacted Rick Delaup, owner of New Orlean’s Bad Girls of Burlesque...

Daniel Dolgin, Ph.D.
Lillian, AL

Back Roads
It has been said that a visit to Pensacola is incomplete without the experience of breakfast at The Coffee Cup restaurant on East Cervantes Street. One could say that The Coffee Cup is an icon, just like Pensacola Beach, Perdido Key, or the Naval
Air Station.
The reason for the restaurant’s iconic status became clear to...

The Coffee Cup Pensacola, Back Roads March  2018

Ashley Rogers
Pensacola, FL

Animals In...It’s a Piggy! An American Guinea Pig.
If you have ever wanted to add a furry friend to your family but you just don’t think a dog or a cat is the right fit, then we may have just the answer. The American Cavy, also known as the American Guinea Pig, is the perfect match...

The American Guinea Pig, Animals In March 2018

Year 8 • Volume 8 • Issue 1/2 January+February 2018

The Annual Review 2017
Pensacola, FL

Our 7th year is in the pages...What a year! The local artists, sculptors, photographers, chefs and painters we featured express the depth in which resides in our community, creating quality products that their audience can experience...

2017 Po10tial Magazine Review of Features
Style In...Events
Pensacola, FL

New Year's Day to Mardi Gras, some chili and soups too.
There's something going on...somewhere.
Style In… Pensacola Events

Daniel Dolgin
Lillian, AL

Back Roads
LA Custom Cabinets is the creation of Howard Nelson. Located in Gulf Shores, Alabama, he has proudly owned and operated the business since September 1984. On a cold and rainy Gulf Coast December afternoon, I visited...

Facebook: LA Cusom Cabinets

Back Roads with Daniel Dolgin

Ashley Rogers
Pensacola, FL

Animals In...A new pet
Bringing home a new pet is a fun and exciting adventure. When preparing to welcome a new dog, cat, bunny, or any kind of furry friend into your home, you may have to spend a little time preparing. Much like when you bring home a new baby, a new pet requires a little bit of “baby proofing” both inside and outside of...

Please consider adopting!

Bringing home a new pet - Po10tial Magazine Animals In Section

Year 7 • Volume 7 • Issue 12 December 2017

Chris Horak
Pensacola, FL

Of an innate meticulous nature, photographer Chris Horak evolves his pursuit of design in all facets of his professional occupation and creative expression. Seeking to capture interpretations of color, Chris develops his portfolio through memories of his personal experiences, observations and travels. It is in these images, the audience receives brief...

Website: Pensacola Daze

Chris Horak Photographer

Style In...Fashion
Pensacola, FL

Diana Taylor is an emerging artist who has adopted her middle name Alethia as her signature. By definition, the name Alethia means “goddess of truth,” and for Diana Alethia Taylor, “the truth” is the driving force behind inspiration and creation.
“I was introduced to the concept of an artist as a young child,” she states in her artists’...

Facebook: Pensacola Face Painter
Facebook: Alethia Artistry

Style In Section Fashion with Raela Villanueva and Alethia Artistry

Daniel Dolgin
Lillian, AL

Back Roads
Stacey’s Rexall Drugstore located in Foley, Alabama is a treasure in our midst. I do not use the word “treasure” lightly or in exaggeration. They are the oldest drug store in all of Baldwin County, established in 1927. Stacey’s Rexall Drugs has served the Foley, Alabama area continuously. The only exception could have occurred when...

Website: Stacey's Rexall Drugstore
Facebook: Stacey's Rexall Drugs

Bakc Roads by Daniel Dolgin

Ashley Rogers
Pensacola, FL

Animals In
Traveling with your pet...
It is hard to believe that 2017 is already drawing to a close. If we have learned anything this year it is that our readers consider their pets to be part of the family. With that notion, we know that the holidays simply cannot be celebrated without our faithful companions...

Please consider adopting!

Year 7 • Volume 7 • Issue 11 November 2017

Randy New
Pensacola, FL

Memories cast shadows and vectors of moments frozen in time. The study of two dimensional design allows the eye pportunity to investigate the language of creativity. Art has an uncanny way of preserving memories, as tribute and reflection of history and culture. Without these symbols, society becomes distorted and truth far...

Website: Randy New
Facebook: Randy New Art

Artist Randy New

Wendy Kepko
Pensacola, FL

Natural Beauty
(Not Necessarily) DANGEROUS BEAUTY
We live in bear country, no doubt about it. It seems nearly anyone you talk to knows someone or has been a victim of bears raiding trash cans in their residential neighborhood. It has become a problem in some areas. Bears that have become habituated to a suburban environment lose their...

Black bears

Daniel Dolgin
Lillian, AL

Back Roads
The Munson Heritage Festival is an annual event that takes place in October. The Festival began 14 years ago when Marshall Fuqua was searching for a way to help his local community. His “search” not only established the Munson Heritage Festival but improved the quality of life for many...

Website: Munson Heritage Festival

Facebook: Munson Heritage Festival

Munson heritage Festival celebrates 14 years

Ashley Rogers
Pensacola, FL

Animals In
There’s a new fad taking the nation by storm. This time, it is a trend I can totally get behind. Senior pet adoptions are on the rise, and since November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, according to PetFinder and Pets for Patriots, we thought there couldn’t be a better time to highlight them. As much as we would love...

Moose and many more pups are available through:
NWFL Great Dane Rescue

Adopting a Senior Pet has rewards

Year 7 • Volume 7 • Issue 9&10 September & October 2017

Dick Weaver
Pensacola, FL

The advancements in camera technology assist to capture the subjects and narratives of photography. Negatives illuminate evidence that communication brings to justice the function of reality and environment. This medium has become a preoccupation of problem solving to...

Facebook: R.A. Weaver Images

Dick Weaver Feature Artist September October Issue

Wendy Kepko
Pensacola, FL

Natural Beauty
There was a lot of hype and anticipation about the recent solar eclipse. Many people in our area travelled great distances and spent considerable money to witness the eclipse in totality. The images I have seen from some...

Natural Beauty September October

Daniel Dolgin
Lillian, AL

Back Roads
Alligator Alley is one of those places that you need to find the time for. In fact, it’s not the alligators that I’m thinking of as I suggest this as a worthwhile destination and use of your valuable time. It’s true that the “gators” are prehistoric, fascinating, educational, and highly...

Back Roads September October

Ashley Spann
Pensacola, FL

Animals In
As fall begins to blow its’ way into the south, bringing out the cooler, more crisp temperatures, we begin to see the Halloween decor fill the isles of our favorite stores and hang from the trees and porches of our neighbor’s homes. It is also the time of year we begin to...

Animal In Black Cats, the legends

Year 7 • Volume 7 • Issue 8 August 2017

Kelsi Adams
Navarre, FL

The human species has built a language on storytelling. This foundation provides a faint connection to what is misunderstood of the environment and psyche; a multitude of stories created for survival, ultimately leading...

Web: Ignite By Kelsi
Facebook: Ignite By Kelsi

Kelsi Adams

Wendy Kepko
Pensacola, FL

Natural Beauty
Have you ever felt stuck in a rut? I confess, I have felt
like that for a while. It feels like I’ve photographed the
same subject matter over and over again. I have felt the
need to be inspired by something new...

Natural Beauty, go see something new

Daniel Dolgin
Lillian, AL

Back Roads
The Roadkill Cafe in Elberta, Alabama is the perfect example of a reason why you can’t judge a book by its cover. It may not be much to look at from the outside, somewhat austere and not particularly inviting, but looks are deceiving. It would be a mistake to not park the car and visit this cafe. I think you’ll enjoy...

Back Roads Road Kill Cafe

Ashley Spann
Pensacola, FL

Animals In
When we talk about snakes, most people don’t think about one as a pet. Snakes have a lot of negative connotation due to an innate fear, misinformation or religious beliefs. The truth is, snakes actually make great pets!...

Animals In, Bumblebee Python yep, its a snake

Year 7 • Volume 7 • Issue 7 July 2017

Cecile Hines
Pensacola, FL

There are thousands if not millions of visual experiences we take in and live through every day as human beings. As highly visual creatures the constant image bombardment can make us feel a little over stimulated and or possibly even numb at times. Some of this intake is...

Web: Cecile Hines
Facebook: CeCe Hines
instagram: CeCe Hines

Cecile 'CeCe' Hines Painter Pensacola

Wendy Kepko
Pensacola, FL

Natural Beauty
Rabbits are ubiquitous furry creatures that are common throughout most of the country. They are seemingly gentle, docile animals for which many beloved children’s stories feature. Rabbits are known throughout the world as symbols of good luck...

Natural Beauty is Common Beauty by Wendy Kepko

Daniel Dolgin
Lillian, AL

Back Roads
After 5 days and 5 nights of rain from Tropical Storm Cindy we needed a break. So Katherine, Spiros, and I decided to head west and check out “The Perdido Beach Trading Company”. Please read on because this place has it ALL! History, music, antiques, collectibles, a photogenic environment that photographers will appreciate...

Perdido Trading Company Back Roads by Daniel Dolgin

Ashley Spann
Pensacola, FL

Animals In
Whether it be a dog, cat, pig or parrot; choosing to foster an animal has endless benefits for both you, the animal and your community. It’s not always easy but it’s one of the most rewarding things...

Special Thanks to the Joy Committee
Facebook: the joy committee
Web: The Joy Committee

Fostering & Foster Failing, Animals In by Ashley Spann


Year 7 • Volume 7 • Issue 5/6 May/June 2017

Joe Hobbs
Pensacola, FL

Taking in information through our human senses is part of life, processing that information builds memories and experiences for us to draw upon in the future. Applying new knowledge to future decision-making allows for an expansion of creativity. Local Glassblower Joe Hobbs has been...

Web: Joe Hobbs Glass
Facebook: Joe Hobbs
instagram: Joe Hobbs Glass
Shop Etsy: Joe Hobbs Glass

Joe Hobbs

Pensacola Ice Flyers
Pensacola, FL

The Pensacola Ice Flyers 2016-17 Season spanned the gamut of emotions for the fans, physical challenges and heroic efforts were observed on the ice. The defending 2015-16 SPHL President’s Cup Champions took to the ice this season with an energetic...

Web: Pensacola Ice Flyers
Facebook: Pensacola Ice Flyers

Pensacola Ice Flyers Season

Wendy Kepko
Pensacola, FL

Natural Beauty
Do you ever look for sea turtles when you are at the beach? I still do and get a thrill every time I see one. Turtles carry their homes on their backs and therefore represent a kind of freedom that humans and most other animals do not enjoy. They travel thousands of miles in a mysterious world under the water,...

Natural Beauty Turtles

Daniel Dolgin
Lillian, AL

Back Roads
Katherine “Kitty” Simpson, owner of Kitty’s Cafe in Gulf Shores, Alabama started in the restaurant industry working at McDonald’s in her senior year of high school. Kitty “has always been ambitious and goal-directed.” She was determined to learn all the aspects of the restaurant business. Since then, she has worked in every area of the restaurant, from the front to the...

Ashley Spann
Pensacola, FL

Animals In
Summer has finally landed in the Panhandle, bringing with it an array of exciting new adventures for you and your furry companion. Longer days mean extra fun and bonding time. Whether you plan to bring your pet on a hike, take them camping, partnering up for a picnic in Old Seville Square, or visiting one of Pensacola’s many dog beaches, be mindful...

Special Thanks to the Joy Committee
Facebook: the joy committee

Animals In Summer Heat


Year 7 • Volume 7 • Issue 4 April 2017

Justine Gudmundson-McCain
Pensacola, FL

There is a sweetness that we crave from time to time. This craving tends to draw the words ‘mmm’ and ‘love’ to mind when just the thought of the word dessert or treat crosses ones mind. A sweet, cake, cookie or pastry can be a supplement or courtesy, complementing our daily...

Web: Blue Jay's Bakery
Facebook: Blue Jay's Bakery

Justine Gudmundson McCain-Blue Jay's Bakery

Chris Visual/Serena Woody Collaborative Portfolio
Pensacola, FL

Why Mermaids? I get asked this question all the time and the story is so corny, but it’s kind of fun. My Aunt Daniella is a very unique individual. She’s very artistic and creative and has a fushia/teal watercolor personality. She also has red curly hair and a love for the sea, so naturally, when I was very young, I thought she...

Web: Chris Visual Photography
Facebook: Chris Visual Photo
Facebook: Nue Blue Hues

Chris Visual -  Serena Woody Collaborative

Wendy Kepko
Pensacola, FL

Natural Beauty, Beneficial Beauty
We have all seen this common lichen clinging to the bark of the trees in our area. It seems to be everywhere. I have always thought that the infinite variety of abstract shapes and soft colors of lichen were quite beautiful. Although I could...

Natural Beauty April 2017

Daniel Dolgin
Lillian, AL

Back Roads
A fine example of the phrase “You can’t judge a book by its cover” is the Sunflower Cafe in Fairhope. This treasure trove of a restaurant is located in the Eastern Shore Shopping Center. The single door entrance to the restaurant is overshadowed by the larger adjacent shops, perhaps causing it to be dismissed by the casual...

Sunflower Cafe Fairhope Al

Katherine Quarles
Pensacola, FL

Animals In
There is so much to be observed at the dog park,
both about the dog(s) and the people. I watched as some
people actively played with their dogs, throwing balls and toys
for their pet to chase and retrieve. With obviously more than
one dog/person at the dog park, the entertainment...

Animal In April 2017


Year 7 • Volume 7 • Issue 3 March 2017

Kelvin Espada
Destin, FL

What a year it has been! It would seem stupid to argue the specific reason for our country’s emotional state. The social, economic, philosophical, and ethical issues came to the surface like a tidal wave forcing almost everyone’s consciousness...

Web: Kelvin Espada
Facebook: Kelvin Espada

Kelvin Espada Photographer

Wendy Kepko
Pensacola, FL

Natural Beauty, Beneficial Beauty
We have all seen this common lichen clinging to the bark of the trees in our area. It seems to be everywhere. I have always thought that the infinite variety of abstract shapes and soft colors of lichen were quite beautiful. Although I could...

Natural Beauty by Wendy Kepko

Daniel Dolgin
Lillian, AL

Back Roads
Are you ready to leave all your worries behind? How about tossing your cares into the Perdido inter-coastal waterway while enjoying some of the most spectacular views and sandwiches the Gulf Coast has to offer? I love this place and let me tell you why...

Back Roads by Daniel Dolgin at Sunset Grille, Perdido Key

Ashley Spann
Pensacola, FL

Animals In
The warmer weather is on the way for certain as winter gives way to spring. As we begin to spend more time outdoors with our pets enjoying the casual hike, neighborhood barbecue or trip to the dog park it’s a good idea to consider...

Animals in with Ashley Span, Flea Control


Year 7 • Volume 7 • Issue 1/2 January/February 2017

The Annual Review 2016
Pensacola, FL

What a year it has been! It would seem stupid to argue the specific reason for our country’s emotional state. The social, economic, philosophical, and ethical issues came to the surface like a tidal wave forcing almost everyone’s consciousness...

Po10tial Magazine Review Features 2016

Logging Beast
Pensacola, FL

North West Florida is rich in history especially regarding the timber and logging industry. The harvesting of our natural resources of timber for building materials and the collection of pine resin for turpentine were a staple to our community’s growth in addition to the...

instagram: @logging_beast
Facebook: Logging Beast

Logging Beast

Fashion In
Pensacola, FL

Emerald Coast Pixie Productions
Six years ago, I was first introduced to Katherine Quarles and Spiros Zachos with Po10tial Magazine through Salon San Carlos (formerly Self Salon). The concept of Emerald Coast Pixie Productions (ECPP) was a fledgling with many directions to choose for its path.

Web: Emerald Coast Pixie Productions
Shop on Etsy: Emerald Coast Pixie Productions

Emerald Coast Pixie Productions-Fashion In

Wendy Kepko
Pensacola, FL

Natural Beauty
The rising sun is a beautiful sight to see, no doubt
about it. We are blessed with uncommonly gorgeous sunrises in our area. I am fortunate to be able to witness the rising sun several times a week at the beach when I run with my friends. It’s a new...

Natural Beauty Po10tial Magazine

Daniel Dolgin
Lillian, AL

Back Roads
The next time you have a yearning to explore the Perdido Key area on foot, motorcycle, or car, there is a great place to stop for quality food and local camaraderie. Hub Stacey’s at the Point is located at the intersection of Galvez and Innerarity Point Road. Feel free to bring...

Hub Staceys at the Point

Ashley Spann
Pensacola, FL

Animals In
A lot of people don’t fully understand the concept behind “grain free” pet diets or why the pet food market seems to have been moving in that direction really strongly over the past several years. This movement raises a lot...

Animal In Section Po10tial Magazine-Otis


Year 6 • Volume 6 • Issue 12 December 2016

Julie McGrath
Pensacola, FL

It is often that we are all in our society confronted with the abstract term "art" for when someone states "this is art" or "I am an artist" there is a general acknowledgement followed by a pondering gesture without...

Web: Julie McGrath
instagram: @drawpaintdesign
Facebook: Draw Paint Design

Julie McGrath, Illustrator

Wendy Kepko
Pensacola, FL

Natural Beauty
Pelicans are odd looking birds, there is no doubt about it. They are awkward on land, waddling ungracefully about. Looks can be deceiving, as these birds are...

Natural Beauty Wendy Kepko

Daniel Dolgin
Lillian, AL

Back Roads
Eventually my photography interests led me to visit Alligator Alley, in Summerdale, Alabama (not to be confused with the Alligator Alley in Daphne, Alabama), Summerdale is a scenic thirty-minute drive from Pensacola. I learned much more from...

Back Roads, Daniel Dolgin Aligator Alley

Ashley Spann
Pensacola, FL

Animals In
The title is all inclusive, maybe fuzzy/furry or feathered, maybe scaled or something even more adventurous. We would like to welcome our new contributor, Ashley Spann as she offers her wisdom, enthusiasm and...

Animal In Po10tial Magazine Pet Section

Year 6 • Volume 6 • Issue 10/11 October/November 2016

Karin Gudmundson
Pensacola, FL

No matter the context, the process, or the result, for Karin Gudmundson, creating her paintings is much like breathing whatever air is accessible to her lungs at any given...

Web: Karin Gudmundson

Karin Gudmundson Abstract Artist

Wendy Kepko
Pensacola, FL

Natural Beauty
The natural world provides photographers with an enormous variety of subjects to photograph. I personally love to photograph...

Natural Beauty Collumn

Daniel Dolgin
Lillian, AL

Back Roads
The Hillcrest Farm is a short 30 minute drive west of downtown Pensacola and a great place to pick your own fruit in season. Located in Alabama on Highway 98 between Lillian and Elberta, the Farm and Vineyard...

Back Roads Collumn

Year 6 • Volume 6 • Issue 08/09 August/September 2016

Cody Meadows
Pensacola, FL

An artist may be driven by inherent curiosity or the search for affirmation. Local photographer, Cody Meadows, is driven by the process of discovery.
“Photography is my way of exploring...

Web: Cody Meadows Photography
Blog: Cody Meadows

Cody Meadows Photographer

Christopher Bowen
Pensacola, FL

Passions surface and evolve in many ways. Chris Bowen has found his and he is fostering its growth and expansion. Over the years his...

Chris Bowen Jeweler

Devon Murphy
Pensacola, FL

First City Art Center is pleased to announce the hire of our second Glass Arts Fellow. This is a two year fellowship that is intended to help...

Web: First City Art Center

Web: Devon Murphy

First City Art Center Devon Murphy - Glass Fellow

Wendy Kepko
Pensacola, FL

Natural Beauty
The natural world provides photographers with an enormous variety of subjects to photograph. I personally love to photograph...

Natural Beauty Contributor Wendy Kepko

Daniel Dolgin
Lillian, AL

Back Roads
Take a trip to Lillian, Alabama, a small town adjacent to Pensacola. It is located on Perdido Bay to the East and rolling farmland to the West. Two miles on the left off Highway...

Back Roads with Daniel Dolgin

Year 6 • Volume 6 • Issue 06/07 June/July 2016

Robert Barton
Ft. Walton Beach, FL

The words free and freedom are fundamental describers of our American society. Both are deep rooted and documented in our government, our psyche and national attitude. However, one can very easily...

Facebook: Robert Barton

Robert Barton Artist

Hannah (Wolfy) Howell
Pensacola, FL

Are people disconnected? What from? These are questions Hannah poses as an artist and as an intellectual. She believes that people are disconnected from their own minds ...

Web: WolfyWorks
Facebook: WolfyWorks

Anna Wolfy Howell

Dan Dunn
Pensacola, FL

A memorable morning for Chef Dan Dunn. As he returned from his morning photo excursion...

instagram: @4dunns

Dan Dunn Artist Pensacola

Youth Creatures
Pensacola, FL

This is Poppy Garcia with another installment of Last Word.
So I’m here with Andrew Hynes and Dalton Wright, they are two of the members of youth creatures. Who are the other...

bandcamp: Divine Comedy
Facebook: Youth Creatures

Music In Youth Creatures

Year 6 • Volume 6 • Issue 04/05 April/May 2016

Anna Kern
Pensacola, FL

There is this infamous question, “How difficult can it be?” Some people ask it daily, some ask it with no intention of ever attempting to answer it and some ask it and then just go for it. Artist Anna Kern asked herself that question ...

Website: Anna Kern Artist
Currently exhibiting work at Marty Campbell Gallery, Inc.

Anna Kern Abstract Artist based in Pensacola, FL

Pensacola Ice Flyers 2015-16 Season
Pensacola, FL

The Iceflyers 2015 - 2016 season started with a scrimmage on October the 17th, last Fall and came to a close on May the 5th, this year. By comparison to previous seasons this one seemed like a ...

Facebook: Pensacola Ice Flyers

Pensacola Ice Flyers 2015-16 Season Feature

Josi Wachi
Pensacola, FL

The art of Fashion and fitness blends in a number of ways. One trending, in a major way is in the movement of your body to what you are wearing. The human figure...

Web: Josi Wachi Jeans

Josi Wachi Jeans

Pensacola, FL

This is Poppy Garcia with another installment of Last Words.
I am here with Rachael Haft, also known as Flossie and the Fox...

Listen: Rachael Haft


Year 6 • Volume 6 • Issue 03 March 2016

John Shoemaker
Pensacola, FL

Working with a molten material takes a unique set of skills, self-control and an aptitude to work with a medium in which the artist ...

Facebook: Apothecary Architecture
Instagram: John Shoemaker #jshoe421
Website: apothecaryarchitecture.com

John Shoemaker, Blown Glass Artist

Bad Blood Benton
Pensacola, FL

Last Words: Hard Love
My friendship with “Bad Blood Benton” is by no means a new one. I’ve known this man for quite some time and although he hadn’t been performing all too...

Web: Badbloodblues.com
YouTube: Hard Love
Facebook: Bad Blood Benton

Bad Blood Benton, Blues Musician

Year 6 • Volume 6 • Issue 01&02 January & February 2016

The Annual Issue

The 2015 Year in Review. A recap of the past year, featuring each artist appearing in Po10tial Magazine...

The January and February Issue Cover review of 2015

Michael Daw
Pensacola, FL

Where one may see an intersection with paths crossing, decisions to be made, and ultimately the parting of ways, Michael Daw has found a junction within...

Facebook: Michael Daw

Michael Daw, Illustrator and musician

Chainsaw Kelly
Pensacola, FL

Last Words: Sugar
I’m sitting here with Chainsaw Kelly, which is comprised of a member who is currently not here, Michael Daw, and Brandon Smith.

YouTube: Chainsaw Kelly 'Sugar'

Chainsaw Kelly

Betsy Badwater
Pensacola, FL

A lot can happen in just a few years. Take Betsy Badwater, one of my frist subjects for Profile In. The illustrator and americana-blues singer/songwriter...

Website: Betsy Badwater

Betsy Badwater, tattoo artist

Year 5 • Volume 5 • Issue 12 December 2015

Blair Garth
Pensacola, FL

Today’s world is flooded with visual information like never before. Technology has generated a myriad of delivery methods offering multiple platforms for everyone to express themselves, represent entities, and...

Website: Blair Garth

Blair Garth Arist

Kevin Lawson
Pensacola, FL

Last Words: Lightning Bolt// Night Wars
As I walk back through a dark grassy ally towards Dylan and Kevin's house I ponder the last house show I had been to there and the warm, welcoming...

Kevin Lawson Night Wars

Year 5 • Volume 5 • Issue 11 November 2015

Loren Miller
Pensacola, FL

In modern times, when individual self-validation is considered an adequate means to satisfy the determination of a piece of art, why put forth diligent efforts to go beyond...

Website: KOA Studio Pensacola
Facebook: Loren Miller Art, KOA Studio Pensacola

Loren Miller, Painter

Dylan Carroll
Pensacola, FL

Last Words: Tokyo // Kid Eternity
After ample discussions of a shared lof for "Battle-star Galactica" and our utter distate for...

Facebook: Kid Eternity

Dylan Carroll, musician

Year 5 • Volume 5 • Issue 10 October 2015

Charles Johnson
Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Life today moves super fast. The amount of things we all need to accomplish daily add up to too many things. The seconds pass and the minutes...

Facebook: Charles Johnson Gallery

Charles Johnson

Paul the P-Funk Fresh
Pensacola, FL

Last Words: Grown Ass Man // Paul Myers
Song lyrics, much like poetry, rely heavily on the interprestation of the audience. Although much can be...

Soundcloud: Grown Ass Man

Paul Myers, Musician, Artist

Year 5 • Volume 5 • Issue 09 September 2015

Margaret Biggs
Pensacola, FL

Margaret Biggs is a true aficionado of observing the now. She is an artist by way of capturing that moment in her mindfully compassionate and serene paintings. As she paints, Biggs is absorbed in every brush stroke, each dip of paint, and the feeling, although...

Website: Margaret Biggs

Margaret Biggs, Painter, Pensacola FL
Papa Squawk
Pensacola, FL

Last Words: Delaware // Luke Tyson
Song lyrics, much like poetry, rely heavily on hte interprestation of the audience. Although much can be...

Soundcloud: Papa Squawk
Luke Tyson - Papa Squawk

Year 5 • Volume 5 • Issue 07/08 July/August 2015

Dave Bain
Pensacola, FL

Our human consciousness gives and adds, the unique
characteristics that describe our character and allows us to find
familiarity amongst each other. We as a species take it even further. Using our..

Facebook: Dave Bain

Illustrator, Artist, Dave Bain
Nick Peraino
Pensacola, FL

The first time I heard Nick play I was stopped dead in my tracks. I would like to make the same assumption...

Facebook: NICK and the Ovorols
Nick Peraino, Musician, Mick and the Ovorols

Year 5 • Volume 5 • Issue 6 June 2015

Dennis Boyce
Gulf Breeze, FL

It's difficult to compare the present to the past, written documentations, storytelling and pondering of yesteryears only provides favorable metaphors...

Web: Art Dennis Boyce
Facebook: Art Dennis Boyce

Dennis Boyce, Painter
Chef Fusae Ueda
Pensacola, FL

For her sushi elicits a means of pride and a feeling of nostalgia that nothing else can bring. She preaches practice, telling those apprenticing under her...

Joe Patti's Seafood Market & Fresh Sushi Bar
Ueda Joe Patties Seafood
Jeff Glickman
Pensacola, FL

The singer and songwriter has stories to tell you, are you listening....

Jeff Glickman & The Panhandle Allstars
Facebook: Panhandle Allstars
Jeff Glickman Panhandle Allstars

Year 5 • Volume 5 • Issue 5 May 2015

Dan Dunn
Gulf Breeze, FL

Every day offers a unique set of experiences in which observations are made, senses are challenged, and sometimes, practical encounters make an unexpected impact. Dan Dunn has found a way to connect with his community through multiple...

Facebook: Dan Dunn
#4Dunns, #FishFryMagazine

Dan Dunn, Chef, Artist, Local Storyteller
Pensacola Ice Flyers
Pensacola, FL

The article we've been shooting for all season, the Pensacola Ice Flyers Pro-Hockey 2014-15 ...

Facebook: Pensacola Ice Flyers
Pensacola Ice Flyers 2015 Season
Brett Hilbert
Pensacola, FL

The musician, the entertainer, your going to be part of the show...
Brett Hilbert Musician

Year 5 • Volume 5 • Issue 03/04 March/April 2015

Kathi Gordon
Pensacola, FL

Facebook: Kathi Gordon
Currently exhibiting work at Marty Campbell Gallery, Inc.

Kathi Gordon
Kris Rollason
Pensacola, FL

Facebook: Kris Rollason Photography
Kris Rollason
Spiros Zachos
Pensacola, FL

Night Colors, a photo essay of the community...

Email: spiros@po10tialmag.com
Spiros Zachos 2015
Adam Cooper
Pensacola, FL
Adam Cooper Music

Year 5 • Volume 5 • Issue 01/02 January/February 2015


The 2014 Year in Review. A recap of the past year, featuring each artist appearing in Po10tial Magazine...

Pensacola, FL

Fascinating detail of regional fresh and salwater fish...

Currently exhibiting work at Marty Campbell Gallery, Inc.
Artist Dr. Chris Lewis
Po10tial Magazine • 2014 / YEAR 4 Volume 4
Issue 1/2 January/February The Annual Featuring the 2013 Artists  
Issue 3/4 March/April Steve Sellers  
  Betsy Badwater  
  Chasen Greishop  
  Smokie Jones  
  Daniel Haefner  
Issue 5 May Pensacola Ice Flyers  
  Serena Woody  
  Band of Saints  
  Alan Pardue  
Issue 6/7 June/July John Shoemaker  
  Dan Danforth  
  Christine Mikitaw  
  Brawdy Crawford  
  Poppy Garcia  
Issue 8 August Barry Rose  
  Visitors Response  
Issue 9 September Natasha Breeze  
  Marty Campbell  
  Julie Najar  
Issue 10 October Darcy Robinson  
  Brett Lutes  
  Karin Zimmerman  
  Lisa York  
Issue 11/12 Nov/Dec Susan Williams  
  Dan Danforth  
  Mitchell Good  
  Klee Angelie  
  Katherine Quarles  
Po10tial Magazine • 2013 / YEAR 3 Volume 3
Issue 1 January The Annual Featuring the 2012 Artists  
  Billy Howell  
  Earl's Killer Squirrels  
  Dani Berg
Issue 2 February Spiros Zachos  
  Dr. Mark Giovanini  
  Ander Marlet  
  Truitt Stubbs  
Issue 3 March Famous Gabe Smith  
  Kathleen McKintock  
  John Ransom  
  Chris Staples  
Issue 4 April Jarrod Goldman  
  Rafi Perez  
  Scott Fowler  
  Catherine Nichols  
  Steven Moody  
Issue 5/6 May/June Pensacola Ice Flyers  
  Dinosaur Daze  
  Peter & Xenia King  
Issue 7 July Josh Kern  
  Bear With Me  
  Chad Fitzgerald  
Issue 8 August Jonathan Sidwell  
  Visitors Response 2013  
  Clint Retherford  
Issue 9 September Julian Peterman  
  Phillip deSousa  
  Brooks Hubbert  
  Mandy & Jeff Glickman  
  Heidi Jo Medina  
Issue 10 October Smokey Joe  
  Charles Bodree  
  Lindsey Williams  
Issue 11/12 November/December Derrick Mullins  
  Morgan Arnette  
  Mitzi Presley  
Po10tial Magazine • 2012 / YEAR 2 Volume 2
Issue 1 January The Annual Featuring the 2011 Artists  
  Musicians Alliance  
Issue 2 February Brandon Hicks  
  Frank Cotton  
  Nicole Ponder  
  Sonia Griffin-Evans  
Issue 3 March Jennifer Godwin  
  Sarah Bossa  
  Jay Martin  
  Pioneers O'Pioneers  
  Austin Garcia  
Issue 4 April Matthew Coughlin  
  Warren Thompson  
  Jeremy Gibson  
  Escape Art Group  
Issue 5 May Pensacola Ice Flyers  
  Sarah Merced  
  Matt Gates  
  Rick Russell  
  Fluid Metal Works  
Issue 6 June Jonathan Kusnerek  
  Camille Nettles  
  Manuel Rivas  
  Blake Jones  
  Will David  
Issue 7 July Sid Kameraman  
  Dawn Thomas  
  Smokey Joe  
  Linda DesRoches  
  Lucid Lions  
Issue 8 August Dottie King  
  David Williams  
  Visitors Response  
  Dan Dunn  
  Margie McKinnon  
  Seagull Blue  
Issue 9 September Steve Zieman  
  Linz Deseno  
  Adam Holt  
  Pirate Paddlers  
  David Keigley  
  Jennifer Morgan  
Issue 10 October Matt Phillips  
  Julie McGrath  
  Chainsaw Kelly  
  Drum Circle  
  Glas Designs  
Issue 11 November Maria Hoch  
  Payton Gellner  
  Michael Lockwood  
  Kevin Marchetti  
Issue 12 December Chip Spirson  
  Lorena Mitchell / Lovely Lo  
  Luchas Crutchfield  
  Lindy Verdin  
Po10tial Magazine • 2011 / YEAR 1 Volume 1
Issue 1 February Kris Williams  
  Katherine Quarles  
  Elerene Walters  
  Josh Widden  
  Mr. Fareheight  
Issue 2 March John Dye  
  William Clover  
  Miranda Anderson  
  Christina Liquori  
  Pale Productions  
Issue 3 April Tim Ludvigson  
  Adrienne Dahlberg  
  David Branderberg  
  Mylinh Nguyen  
  The Brazillians
  Chris Wiley  
  Melissa Wilson  
  Ace Wilson  
Issue 4 May Leslie Ward  
  Evan Levin  
  Marzia Pendrgast  
  Katherine Steck  
Issue 5 June Nina Fritz  
  Ed Lemox  
  Noel Paige  
  Mark Hopkins  
  Guardians of the Gulf  
  Carlos & Pam Garcia  
  Raela Villanueva / Pixie Productions  
  Hangout Fest  
Issue 6 July Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society  
  Roller Derby Girlz  
  Pensacola Scorpions Football Team  
  Alexandria Hillman  
Issue 7 August Ashton Howard  
  Visitor Response  
  Nathan Dillaha  
  Greg Reigler  
Issue 8 September Ashley Shelley  
  Christopher White  
  Rachael Pongetti  
  Nielah Spears  
  Ben Twingley  
  Company of Ghosts  
Issue 9 October Chris Visual  
  Amanda Brewton  
  Kathleen Nowak-Tucci  
  Stephen Grenoit  
  Paula Cook  
Issue 10 November Donna Harper  
  Michael Boles  
  Dee Green & Jim Einhart  
  Rob & Wendy Kepko  
Issue 11 December Halley Barrett  
  Poppy Garcia  
  Pat Regan  
  Kristen Regan  
  Allyson Ashkock  
  Nik Flagstar & His Dirty Mangy Dogs