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Po10tial Magazine Year 7 Issue Jan-Feb 2017
Po10tial Magazine is a monthly investigation of our community, through visual storytelling.

Like the Arts? Love the Gulf Coast? You are in the right place!

We are a Pensacola based, visual arts magazine focused on
'Revealing the Locals' in our community and community enrichment.
Published monthly, our pages communicate through a few words and large, dynamic images.
Our product is available in print.
We are a positive source of information for those who are yearning for independent thinking.

A monthly investigation of our community’s achievements through visual storytelling.
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Up Coming Events
Seville Quarter Gallery Night 2017
Cubed Gulf Coast
Bird Jam Supporting Northwest Florida Wildlife
Seville Quarter Turkey Trot Nov. 18 2017
Wide Angle Photo Club
Gallery 1060 at First City Art Center
Pensacola Ice Flyers Game On1

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